Got questions for us? See below for the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you still have any further enquiries, please contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Q. Is there any other cost involved for my child to attend the camp other than the $100 registration fee?
A. No, Variety will cover all other costs including flights if required.

Q. Can the fees be claimed through my NDIS plan?
A. Variety will issue you an official receipt upon registration, and depending on your plan, fees can be reimbursed by NDIS through Core Funding, under Social and Community Participation.

Q. How are flights arranged?
A. Variety will contact you to confirm your child’s details and will then book your child’s return flight.

Q. Will my child have to travel on a flight by themselves?
A. Were possible, we will book all Adult PD participants from your school/region on the same flights so that they have a travel companion.

Q. Are camp staff trained to teach and look after my child’s specific needs?
A. Staff responsible for your child’s care throughout the duration of the camp are trained Vision Education Specialists with years of experience working with children with Vision Impairments and additional disabilities.  Other support staff include a Registered Nurse, First Responder, a Guidance Counsellor who specialises in working with children with a Vision Impairment and two Orientation and Mobility Specialists.  Braille Music Lessons, Assistive Technology and Music Workshops are delivered by trained professionals within the industry, many of whom are blind themselves.

Q. Who will administer my child’s medication?
A. The First Responder and Nurse will together administer all medications to students following a medication plan. If your child requires medication (as stated on the registration form), you will be contacted to confirm all medical details closer to the camp start date.

Q. What is the accommodation layout?
A. Accommodation is in one of the multi-level dormitories on the grounds of St Joseph’s Nudgee College.  Each level has separate rooms with a single bed, desk and cupboard.  Doors to each room can be shut but not locked.  Each level have two different sets of shower and toilet blocks, along with small kitchenettes.  There is a communal lounge room on the bottom floor.  Girl and boys will be separated in different sections of the dormitories.  A number of Vision Impairment Specialist Teachers will have individual rooms in these dormitory sections to supervise and support students.

Q. How are personal hygiene routines carried out for my child?
A. Vision Impairment Specialists Teachers will support students where required with personal hygiene routines.  Please contact us if you want to make us aware of any specific requirements for hygiene arrangements.

Q. Is there security in the dormitories at night?
A. Yes, the dormitories entry and exit doors are all locked and alarmed from mid evening to early morning each day.  A number of camp staff and teachers will be accommodated on the ground level as well.

Q. Can my child bring their instrument to camp?
A. Yes, if your child can carry the instrument they are more than welcome to bring it to camp.

Q. What does my child need to bring to camp?
A. A suggestive packing list will be sent out closer to the camp start date along with optional extras, such as braille displays and Perkin’s Machines.

Q. How many kids will be at the camp?
A. Approximately 25-30 kids will be attending the camp.

Q. Is there any opportunity for parents to participate in the camp?
A. Our objective is to assist the musical development of the kids and also to help them become more independent. For that reason unfortunately parents are not invited to the camp. However, on the final night of the camp we will hold a concert which parents and friends are welcome to attend. More details on this will be provided later. For parents unable to attend, the concert will be livestreamed on social media platforms.

Q. Do I have to be vaccinated against Covid-19?
A. All staff, volunteers, parents and participants who are 16 or older will need to be fully vaccinated (2 vaccination doses) against Covid-19 unless a medical exemption card is provided. You will be required to show proof your vaccination status or medical exemption via the Check In Queensland app to attend the Variety Braille Music Camp. This is due to requirements placed upon our host venue by the QLD Government. This will also include anyone over the age of 16 who will be attending the Camp Concert in the Auditorium on Night 3.