Variety Grant Funding

  1. Fill out the form which can be accessed here
  2. Please ensure you complete all fields and provide as much detail as possible.
  3. Make sure you have the relevant supporting documents as listed below:
    • Two quotes for each item requested. The quotes must be less than three months old and include freight charges, if applicable.
    • Where appropriate for an organisation application, a budget for a project or program can be provided, supported by quotes wherever possible.
    • Current financial information (financial statements for an organisation e.g. profit & loss statement or Centrelink statements/group certificates and/or payslips for an individual.) All information provided is private and confidential.
    • Two supporting letters from professional sources are required for all individual applications, which could be an Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Social Worker or other professional relevant to the application.
    • Please refer to the guidelines for the grant program you are applying to for specific instructions;
    • Individual Application Guidelines
    • Organisation Application Guidelines
  4. Submit your application online.
  5. Once the application form has been submitted, it will be passed onto our CEO and Grants Committee to proceed through the Governance process. All grants are subject to final Board approval who meet once per month.
  6. This process normally takes a minimum of two to three months.
  7. We will advise you of the outcome in writing.