Variety Kids Sports Camp

The Variety Kids Sports Camp offers kids living with a physical disability the opportunity to try out a variety of different sports to determine which they enjoy and want to continue playing. It is a two and a half day experience open to kids aged between 6 – 15 years old.

“This camp was a huge blessing for us… Our son loved helping the younger kids and the chance to practice being independent in a safe environment.” – Ben’s dad Michael

“We had an absolute ball….one of the most special things we have ever done together, we loved it and both made lots of new friends.” – Cruz’s mum Tammy

A major component of the Camp is also about building resilience and receiving mentorship from older persons with disabilities who have succeeded in life despite their challenges. We also provide ongoing support to families who participate to help connect their kids with local sporting clubs, so they can continue being involved with sports long-term.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Kids Support Team on 07 3907 9300 or [email protected]