Variety Federal Group TasBash 2020

13 Nov 2020
- 15 Nov 2020
2020 is an exceptional year, that requires an exceptional TasBash – The Special Edition.

Join us from Friday 13th November – Sunday 15th November 2020 on an exciting road trip adventure as we explore Tasmania’s beautiful towns and lesser travelled back roads with a group of whacky friends.

Theme yourselves or your cars and join the Beach Boys, Blinky Bill, the Croc Hunters, the Champettes, Puff the Magic Dragon, the Wizard of Oz and many more as we explore Tassie – all in the name of giving Tassie kids a fair go!

In 2020 we will be taking the longest route possible while we explore the East Coast but the route will remain Tassie’s best kept secret until the day!

What do I need to take part?

A spirit of adventure and a good sense of fun! We have lots of resources to help you get off the beaten track and we’re here to support you along the way.

The minimum requirements to enter are:

  • The team entry fee for the TasBash is $330 per crew.
  • Each crew then gets FUNdraising for kids in need. To take part crews much reach a minimum fundraising total of $2,700.
  • Provision fees for 2020 are $365 per person, which includes your lunch, dinner and entertainment for 3 days and a TasBash shirt and team plaque.

Your TasBash Car

Our boutique TasBash is slightly different from those on the Mainland, as there is no age restriction on your vehicle. All you need to do is to ensure your vehicle is themed (even if it’s just the team inside that’s dressed up) and has a HF radio.

Your TasBash Resources

Download and print a TasBash Poster to help with your fundraising, or contact the Variety Tas team for car specific resources.

TasBash Poster

TasBash 2020 Poster

To Enter:

Call us on (03) 6248 4888, email [email protected] or fill in this form and we’ll get back to you soon!