Donate Hair FAQs

Variety – the Children’s Charity
Locked Bag 2468
St Leonards
NSW 1590

Please ensure that you have included the hair donation form

35cms is the hair length required to create wigs in order for the hair to be processed by the machinery. Slightly shorter is still okay to donate, but the longer the donation, the better!

Variety doesn’t accept dyed or permed hair because the wig maker only works with 100% unprocessed hair. This includes hair that has semi-permanent dye, foils and highlights in it.

If the dyed or faded ends are cut off and the length of the donated hair is around 35cms long, then it can be used. It cannot be used if the faded processed hair is throughout the ponytail.

If your hair is totally grey or has just one or two grey hairs that can be easily removed, we can accept it. We cannot accept salt and pepper grey. We accept all types of curly hair, except really tight corkscrew curls. You can donate layered hair as long as the majority of the layers are roughly 30cm long.

It’s better to leave your hair in its natural state, so it’s easier to blend with similar hair.

On average it takes between 10-15 ponytails to make just one wig.

We do not, but there are organisations who do such as The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

Any hairdresser can do the cut but we would suggest that you look for one that supports Sustainable Salons! Simply tell them you want to donate your hair, secure it up in a ponytail or plat and cut above the hair tie!

Yes! Variety regularly receives hair from countries such as New Zealand and Japan.

Make sure your ponytail is clean and dry. Place in a zip lock bag to protect and send in an envelope or post bag. Please contact your local post office to ask them about costs.

We don’t sell wigs, but children who have lost their hair due to a medical condition can apply to receive a wig for free as part of our wig program. The money we raise from hair donations and fundraising allows us to purchase these wigs.

Fundraising is not compulsory but it is highly recommended. Variety is a non-government funded charity so every urgently needed piece of equipment, therapy session, vehicle modification (and much more) that is granted is all thanks to the amazing support of people like you.

Wigs can cost up to $6,000, an expense beyond many families’ means; this is where Variety steps in. Your efforts fundraising will assist Variety in providing wigs for families who are unable to afford them.

Everyday hero is the fundraising platform used to support the program. The funds you raised will automatically transfer to Variety from your Everyday Hero fundraising page.

To set up your fundraising page, click here.

Personalise your fundraising page by uploading a profile photo, setting a fundraising goal and sharing your story. You can continue to post pictures to your page and thank your donors leading up to the BIG cut!

Make your first donation! People will be more likely to support you knowing you have personally committed to the challenge and supported yourself along the way.

There are a lot of ways you can fundraise within your community – sharing your fundraising page link is the easiest way. You can also hold a BBQ, trivia night, etc. Click here for more information.

Copy and paste the link to your social media site (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Many companies have Employee Matched Funding programs which match some/all of an employee’s charity fundraising efforts; ask your HR department or manager. If they don’t have a program, they may still be willing to make a donation to support your fundraising for Variety.

Send your hair to Variety with the Hair Donation form and give one final fundraising push. Be sure to thank all of your donors who supported you.

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