There is nothing quite like riding a bike, that makes a child’s face light up with joy.

The Variety Bikes4Kids Program aims to give the gift of freedom, independence, exercise and joy to children who are sick or have additional needs, or those who have never been fortunate enough to have a bike of their own.

Recently Variety Tasmania granted Mason a Tigermoth Dual Rider bike through the Bikes4Kids program, which allowed Mason to join in family rides, have fun being out and about and exercise in the fresh air. Mason has CHARGE Syndrome which means out of the many challenges he has to face is balance impairment and has a heart condition. Carolyn, Mason’s mom, says,

“Mason is really enjoying his Tiger Moth Dual Rider. It has been a great activity to keep him busy during COVID lockdown and we find it really helps in moderating his behaviour and giving him considerable pleasure. He is communicating his desire to ride by handing us his helmet (many times each day). We are very grateful for help!”

5 children from a local primary school were nominated for Variety’s Bikes4Kids program in 2018. One of the teachers commented, “Young Jackson was so happy, he said “that it was the best day of his life”. In 2019, Variety Tasmania received a letter from one of the children, Brock, expressing his delight that he and his brother Logan, were now ride every weekend.

Variety Tasmania would like to express sincere gratitude to the Lumina 9 Girls at Fahan School, and their teachers, who have been very loyal supporters of this program for many years. The Fahan girls raise funds for the Variety Bikes4Kids program through different activities, from baking cupcakes to making wheat bags to sell at the school fair. A huge thank you!

If you are an organisation applying for a Bike4Kids Grant, please click here.

If you are a family or individual applying for a Bikes4Kids grant for your own child please click here.

Please email us on [email protected] if you would like to nominate a child, who is in need of a bike, from your school or organisation.

In order to be eligible for the program, a child must: 

  • Be living with illness, disadvantage or disability. 
  • Be aged between 5 – 17 years. 
  • Not already own a bike, or own one that is in working order. 
  • Not have previously received a bike from Variety. 

Please note bikes are presented to successfully nominated children during a presentation in December each year. The number of bikes available are limited and are allocated based on the the requirements listed above, and on a first come, first served basis.