Variety Tasmania Launches the Variety Freya Fund

April 29, 2020 by Variety Tasmania

Variety – the Children’s Charity Tasmania is proud to announce the launch of the Variety Freya Fund on the 1st May 2020. 

 The legacy of Freya Williamson, the Variety Freya Fund, provides a one-off emergency relief payment of up to $500 for Tasmanian families who care for a child with additional needs or a severe disability. It aims to relieve the burden of the everyday difficulties at times of a medical crisis and when these families are experiencing additional emotional and physical challenges. Mohammad Aldergham, Variety Tasmania’s CEO, says that “There has never been a more pressing time for Variety to act than today! We have been working in the background to launch the Variety Freya Fund in July 2020, but during a global pandemic the Williamson family couldn’t stand on the sideline and watch more Tasmanian children with severe disability miss out. The launch of the Variety Freya Fund signifies a compassionate and understanding response to the added challenges children with severe disability find themselves in, because their parents and carers can’t earn adequate living to support their additional needs”. 

 The Variety Freya Fund was started by John and Deb Williamson, and their daughter Mia, who were inspired by their lived experience through loving and caring for their daughter and sister, Freya, for 21 years. After receiving a financial gift themselves during a time of great need, they were inspired to provide assistance for other families who have children with profound disabilities. 

 “We are very pleased that the Freya Fund is now a part of Variety Tasmania – an organisation which has always provided such wonderful support for children in need. Together, we look forward to this fund being able to support many children with a disability, and their families.” says John and Deb Williamson. 

 The Variety Freya Fund is based on a nomination process. Rather than applying to the Fund themselves families are nominated by a professional (such as a GP, Allied Health Professional, or a teacher) who has an intimate understanding of the family’s circumstances and appreciate the impact a small financial gift would give them at a time of greatest need. Mr Aldergham says, “The Variety Freya Fund was instigated through the dedication and compassion of John, Deb & Mia Williamson to honour the legacy of their much-loved daughter, and sister, Freya. The Fund was generously supported with a Gift Deed from Tascare Society for Children. Variety Tasmania are committed to uphold this legacy as the gift that keeps giving.” 

Nominations for the Variety Freya Fund open on the 1st May 2020 and professionals are invited to fill in the short nomination form if they are aware of a family with a child up to 17 years old, with a severe disability who cannot get support elsewhere. This $500 relief gift may be used by the family in any way that they feel will aid them currently. Nominations can be made at 

 About Variety – the Children’s Charity Tasmania 

Variety – the Children’s Charity Tasmanian, is a self-funded charity with a mission of supporting children who are sick, disadvantaged or have additional needs but have nowhere to turn to for help. We empower children to live, laugh and learn to attain their potential in life. 

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