Variety Motor Mouth Camp

Variety Motor Mouth Camp assists kids who have limited speech and rely on a communication system/talker to express themselves.

First held in Western Australia in 2011, the camp is designed to support children who use these communication systems, often called Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems, and their families to attend together.

AAC is used during all activities at camp, encouraging the child and their family to fully embrace their AAC system and to incorporate it into their everyday life.


Variety Motor Mouth Camp will return on 6 – 8 October 2023. 

Applications are Open now!

Application Form

If you and your child would be interested in attending the Motor Mouth camp in 2023, please complete the registration form. Successful applicants will be notified by early August.

Volunteer at camp

Volunteering at camp is a great professional development opportunity, with the chance to work with children with complex communication needs and their families.

You will have the chance to further your knowledge and experience in the area of AAC.

If you would like to volunteer please refer to the guidelines and apply below.

Applications for volunteer positions are Open now!

Thank you!

The 2022 Motor Mouth Camp pilot was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Motors Foundation.

The Motors Foundation provides seed funding to non-government organisations helping the Tasmanian community. The Foundation is a partnership between the company and the Motors staff.

Variety is currently looking for a camp funding partner in 2023.