Chris's Story

Since representing Australia at the Junior National Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas, Chris continues to be a stand out in bull riding across the globe

In January, Chris was invited to ride at Alec in Tamworth at the Xtreme Bulls Racing event. He also happened to be the youngest to compete.

Since competing, Chris has been named in the top 5 bull riders for the Xtreme Bulls, a huge achievement and one he is truly grateful for.

Chris is very thankful for Variety as without their help, he wouldn’t have been able to achieve his win on the world stage, which ultimately led him to be internationally recognised.

Most recently, Chris scored a whopping 83 points at the Gulgong Show Rodeo.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, Chris’s plans have been halted as he was going to travel to Canada in March to do a circuit of rodeos.

But we have no doubt his success will continue to grow exponentially, regardless of COVID.

“Rodeo is Chris’ lifeblood and his chance to make something of himself regardless of his disability. His confidence level has really increased as he develops his own skill in life and younger riders look at him as a role model.” said proud mum Maree.

Chris has previously received Variety Heart Scholarships to help cover training, entry/competition fees, lessons/tuition, equipment, uniforms, travel, and accommodation with Christopher’s ultimate goal being to return to the USA and represent Australia once again.

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