Thanks to the financial support that Variety receives from donors and partners, we were able to help thousands of kids across the NT

2023 Summary

As a registered charity, Variety is committed to using gifts from our supporters responsibly and ethically, as well as being organisationally and financially transparent.
True to this commitment, Variety provides a full summary of our operations and finances each year.

Variety NT Annual Review

Click on the image above to view the 2022/2023 Variety NT Annual Impact Report. If the link doesn’t load click here

Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation Australia commends Variety the Children’s Charity NT on the formal endorsement of its inaugural Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Commencing Innovate RAP is a crucial and rewarding period in an organisation’s reconciliation journey. It is a time to build strong foundations and relationships, ensuring sustainable, thoughtful, and impactful RAP outcomes into the future.