Laura Campbell

Board Member

Darwin, NT Dec 2021

Laura first served as a Board member and Secretary for Variety NT in 2008, after being introduced to Variety through the 2007 Bash which was sponsored by her employer, Darwin International Airport, where she still works today. After serving 10 years on the Board Laura took a break after having two babies but remained active as a Variety Basher, on the Bash Committee, and assisting with maintaining and updating the webpage and social media platforms for Variety NT and is also a regular attendee at countless events, fundraisers and functions.  Inducted as a Life Member in 2020 Laura has decided to return as a Board Member once more and we welcome her back with open arms!

Laura is also a keen Basher and has completed 8 Bashes so far, as well as sitting on the Bash Planning Committee. Laura’s philosophy is that kids shouldn’t miss out on having a fun childhood and if she can help in any way small or large from an iPad to a Sunshine Bus – well its all worth it!

“In a twist of irony, after 10 years of fundraising with Variety I ended up being on the receiving end after my first born daughter was diagnosed with Level 3 Autism Spectrum Disorder and Global Development Delay as well as being non verbal.  Variety NT has been there for me from the start and encouraged me to apply for a grant, which we purchased a fantastic Vuly swing set which my daughter is attached to every day!  I’m so happy to be a part of this wonderful organisation and family”