Zooming Around With Avi

This is our gorgeous princess, Aviana, you might have seen her on our Facebook page and zooming around Darwin.

Aviana has a rare muscular disorder that unfortunately claims the lives of most children who have it, before they turn 1.

Avi in her wheelchairHowever, an experimental treatment has given her back time and opportunities her mum Bethan and dad Jonny never dreamed she’d have.

Incredibly, this year Avi celebrated her 2nd Birthday!  She’s even learning to move around by herself, instead of having to be carried everywhere.

She can only do this because of her red car. It’s fun and exciting, and it is her legs!

Her “car” is really the power wheelchair, tailored just for Avi and her particular abilities.

In it, she can enjoy special times like park visits, playgroup with her friends!

Aviana only has her wheelchair thanks to generous people like you who gave to Variety – The Children’s Charity NT

It cost $24,000, far more than her parents could ever hope to afford.

Without kind donations, we just couldn’t keep giving equipment like this to Aviana and other children who need our help.

Your donation will help Variety NT kids enjoy some of the normal fun of being a child. Thank you for your support.

It will allow Aviana to take part in all the things that her friends are doing. We are so grateful to Variety and Woolworths for giving Aviana the gift of freedom, it’s thanks to them that she can explore the world around her just like all toddlers should