Ezy Rollers for Alice Springs

If you know Variety, you know we are all for having fun on wheels, so it was with great excitement when our beloved Bash team Corkettes presented the Central Australian Community Toy Library with a Variety Grant for 4 awesome EzyRoller Classic Cars! 😎

The Central Australian Community Toy Library is a community organisation currently serving 400 families in the Alice Springs region. Providing Playgroups two days each week, and Kindy three days a week.

The town of Alice Springs has a large number of children, but no longer has any toy shops to serve them. The Toy Library helps save parents money on ordering toy for their kids, and helps the environment by getting a large amount of use out of the toys that they have.

The Ezyroller Classic car is a great way to exercise and build gross motor skills. They are enormously popular and the kids will enjoy the unique experience of riding the Ezyroller cars! We love that 😍

What a fantastic initiative for the kids, and a wonderful addition to the Toy Library, thanks to your donations and support we were able to help bring the EzyRoller Cars to Alice Springs.

To help us with other grants across the NT please donate to Variety NT at https://www.variety.org.au/nt/donate/ or contact us to find out ways you can volunteer or join an event, become a Corporate Sponsor or set up Workplace Giving.

Ph: 08 8981 2544 | Email: [email protected]

If you are in Alice Springs and would like to contact the Central Australian Community Toy Library to book a fun session with the Ezyrollers or find out more about their wonderful services please phone (08) 8952 6720 or visit their website https://sites.google.com/view/cactl/home