Meet Max

Every kid should dance in the rain.

When people ask how Max’s walker helps him, I always answer with a list of the therapeutic benefits it offers him.

“It builds up his muscle strength”
“His gait pattern has improved a lot”
“We hope all the practice will help him to learn to walk independently”
All of these statements are true and very important to us.

But there is something much more profound to be gained from equipment: independence, choice and doing everyday things:
Going to daycare and feeling independent.
Choosing where to walk in the shopping centre.
And doing some of the everyday things other families and kids take for granted.

nt-max-imageWhen one of the big rains of this wet season came along I was outside with Max. He was in his walker and asked “Can I walk in the rain, mum?”. It wasn’t the first time he asked, but before he had his walker, I always answered NO. I wasn’t going to carry him around in the rain…

So when I said yes, his eyes lit up and he marched out there and stood in the rain with the biggest smile ever. He yelled out “You are the best mummy ever for letting me walk
in the rain!”.

The reality is that I wouldn’t have said yes without the support from Variety NT and all the people donating.

So please share Max’s story with everyone involved with Variety, because they are the
best people ever for making it possible for Max to walk in the rain! Because I believe every kid deserves to dance in the rain.