Meet Apryl

Our gorgeous princess

Grants for Grins- Meet our gorgeous princess Apryl who Variety – the Children’s Charity of the NT supported with the purchase of 2 suction machines (2 required in the event that one fails), and one Pulse Oximeter plus a Nellcor Bedside SPO2 Patient Monitor (PM 100N) with reusable probe.

At 2 months of age Apryl was diagnosed with a severe and chronic medical condition – Pfeiffer Syndrome (Type 2), with craniofacial abnormalities. She has a tracheostomy tube to enable breathing. Apryl needs significant ongoing 24 hour care from her parents. Due to her tracheostomy, she needs someone with her at all times, and her parents need to monitor her to observe if there is any evidence of obstruction of her airway, and perform procedures to manage this. She needs frequent suctioning, and tracheostomy tube replacement (weekly). Without this, her condition is life threatening. With this care, Apryl has a good prognosis. Her ongoing medical needs and requirements will include frequent visits back to Melbourne, and cranial reconstructive surgery over the next few years.

Her very high level needs have significant impact on her family. Her mother will be unable to work due to Apryl’s condition. Apryl will be the first baby with a tracheostomy who has been managed at home in Darwin. Apryl was us

ing equipment hired from The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne – which helped to keep her alive. Variety initially provided 2 suction machines (2 required in the event that one fails), and one pulse oximeter. There was an imminent need for this funding to enable Apryl to obtain this life saving and prolonging equipment.
We then provided addtional equipment – the Nellcor Bedside SPO2 patient monitor (PM 100N) with reusable probe. This is an overnight oxygen saturation monitor with a longer battery life.

” Thank you so much for everything Variety has done for us without the grant for these machines we would never been able to afford to buy them on one wage “

Thanks to your continued support and donations Variety can assist beautiful kids like Apryl, click donate at the top of our page to join us in continuing our work. If your company would like to get involved with Variety NT please call us on 08 8981 2544 or email [email protected]