Whilst completing your application form, you will need to include copies of supporting documents, such as:

  1. One copy of a recent notice or document that includes your name and address (e.g. copy of drivers licence, vehicle registration, electricity bill, phone bill, rates notice, bank or credit card statement – select only one document).
  2. Two letters of support from a doctor, medical specialist, counsellor, therapist, school teacher, educator or social worker that describes the benefits of the item/s. Please note that letters from ‘allied parties’ will not be considered as separate recommendations and further letters of recommendation will be required (for example, a teacher and principal from the same school, or an occupational therapist and physiotherapist from the same company/provider).
  3. Proof of income from all relevant parent/guardians will be required with Grant Applications. For those receiving paid employment, please provide copies of 4 recent payslips. If receiving Government Assistance, please provide a copies of Centrelink Statements. For those self-employed, a copy of the ATO’s Notice of Assessment/tax return for the most recent financial year should be provided.
  4. Quotes from two suppliers. The quotes must be less than two months old and include GST and freight charges, if applicable. The two quote rule can be varied if:
    1. The child’s family is in a remote area and there is only one supplier nearby.
    2. There is only one supplier in Tasmania.

When all features or capabilities of equipment/items are equal, and only the price is affected – Variety will only pay for the most competitive price from the quotes presented.