Community Grant Guidelines

Variety – the Children’s Charity helps children and their families with financial support for things like wheelchairs, specialist equipment and medical supplies, when they can’t afford it, and when government assistance isn’t available. Our work allows children to gain mobility and freedom, to get out and about in the community, to communicate, achieve independence and increase self-esteem, and where possible, assistance to help them integrate into mainstream school and activities.

We believe all Australian children have the right to reach their full potential regardless of ability or background.

Variety provides individual and community funding to support children with a chronic illness, disability or financial disadvantage.

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Community Guidelines

Variety Victoria promotes inclusivity for all kids! Schools and Organisations are invited to apply for a grant which will go towards the purchase of equipment that will promote all access and inclusivity in the community for children aged 0-17 years from financial disadvantage, geographic isolation and/or living with a disability or chronic illness.


  • School or Organisation must be based and operating in Victoria
  • School or Organisation must directly service children aged 0-17 years in one or more of the following areas
    • Financial disadvantage
    • Geographic isolation
    • Disabilities
    • Chronic Illness
  • Previous recipients will not be considered for another community grant until 2 years after the date listed on their outcome letter

Example of Funding requests

The applicant can apply for one or more items as part of their funding request. The items must directly benefit children as per the eligibility criteria above. The following are examples only. We recommend the applicant contact the Kids Support team to discuss requests before completing an application form to ensure the requests are suitable for consideration.

  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Technology

If applying for a Sunshine Coach please contact the Variety Kids Support Team for further information.

Requests not eligible

The following falls outside of Variety Victoria’s funding guidelines.

  • Retrospective funding – only items purchased after the approval date will be eligible to claim as part of the grant
  • Servicing or maintenance
  • Installation costs
  • Insurance
  • Capital works
  • Employment/Contact Staff
  • Training & Seminars
  • Research
  • Programs

Variety Programs

Variety Programs requires a recommendation report to be supported by the Kids Support Committee and CEO, with the Variety Board providing final approval.

Variety Programs do not have to meet the same criteria as individual or community funding applications.

Got a question about grants? Give us a call on 03 8698 3900 or email [email protected]!

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