The Variety VICKIDS Scholarship program aims to support children who are disadvantaged or living with a disability, to achieve their full potential and to follow their dreams, through further education.

Applications can only be accepted for children up to the age of 17 and who are Victorian residents. Scholarships are awarded to support children in the areas of the arts, sport and education. Scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis and must be spent within 12 months.

Depending on the level of progress, scholarships may be renewed with a new application and supporting documentation submitted each year.

Some examples of scholarship applications are:

The Arts: Singing or dance lessons, art tuition, art materials and supplies, exhibition or competition entry fees, costumes.

Sport: Equipment, clothing, shoes, entry, membership or registration fees, coaching fees, travel to competitions or training.

Education: Extracurricular tuition for intellectual pursuits (eg. maths, physics, literature), Traineeships / Apprenticeships.

There are 3 types of VICKIDS Scholarships;

  • Have a go
  • Education
  • Existing Talent

Have a go Scholarship

Funding up to $1,000

For children who are financially disadvantaged, to try a new activity (sport, music or art activity) that they would not otherwise be able to try.

Funding could cover:

  • Enrolment fees
  • Uniform (if applicable)
  • Course material
  • Equipment purchase or hire (if applicable)

Education Scholarship

Funding up to $2,000

For financially disadvantaged children to assist with providing essentials such as school supplies, school camps & excursions or other costs that support a child’s health, wellbeing and education.

Funding could cover:

  • School related expenses; i.e. uniforms, stationery, course materials, books, school camps and excursions
  • Extra-curricular costs; i.e. sports fees, sport uniform & footwear, music/swimming/dance classes
  • Other agreed costs relating to the wellbeing, health and education of the child

Existing Talent Scholarship

Funding up to $4,000

Supports Victorian children in need with an existing talent for the arts, music, sport or education. By funding tuition and other related expenses, the scholarship would help a child to overcome adversity, achieve their full potential and follow their dreams through education.

This scholarship is designed to fund the cost for private tuition or training of the recipient through an established and reputable provider.

Funding could cover:

  • Tuition
  • Uniform
  • Course material
  • Competition Fees
  • Equipment purchase or hire*

*The purchase of equipment such as digital cameras, printers or musical instruments is not usually supported unless such equipment can be strongly justified as a mandatory requirement which will benefit the recipient.

The scholarship does not fund standard school or university fees/courses.


  • An application may be made on behalf of a child aged between 6-17 years at the time of applying, who is sick, disadvantaged or has special needs.
  • Priority is given to a child affected by natural disaster or with special needs. Special needs or disadvantage include but is not limited to;
    • Physical, mental, intellectual or psychological disability
    • Geographic isolation
    • Severe socio-economic disadvantage or financial hardship
  • Scholarships are awarded annually.
  • Scholarships may be awarded only where there is no alternate funding available to children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs.
  • A child must be enrolled in school or form of education or traning.
  • A child must reside in Victoria, and be an Australian citizen or have a permanent resident visa.
  • Scholarships are for individuals and are not available to organisations.
  • Applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of the application.
  • The Scholarship Program application form must be completed and the following information must be included/attached to each application:
    • Provide minimum two references from either coach / mentor / tutor / teacher / social worker or relevant referees who can describe to us how the scholarship will help the child. Documents must be less than 3 months old.
    • Current financial information from the child’s family. This may include copies of payslips and Centrelink statements. Documents must be less than three months old.
    • Documented evidence of funding required. For example, competition entry fees, tuition costs, equipment costs. The quotes must be less than 3 months old and include freight charges, if applicable.
  • Area of interest requiring funding, with evidence of achievements in and commitment to the chosen area, and documented success.
  • Once an application is approved, funds will be paid directly to the supplier on receipt of an invoice, unless other arrangements are approved in advance by the Variety Grants Coordinator.
  • If a Scholarship grant is approved, two progress reports are required to be submitted by the child’s family or guardian, detailing the child’s progress. Photos are encouraged.
  • When the equipment is delivered, the ownership is transferred directly from the supplier to the child. As Variety is not the owner of the equipment, it is not liable for any ongoing maintenance or insurance.
  • Equipment and services granted cannot be varied without the prior consent of Variety Victoria.
  • Unless an extension has been given, all scholarship funding will expire on 31 December of the scholarship year.
  • Where the cost of car travel is specifically included in an approved scholarship, the payment will be calculated based on the kilometres travelled, not for payments made for fuel. In these instances the scholarship recipient will need to keep a log book of all travel undertaken in relation to the scholarship. At the end of each quarter, a copy of the log book is to be sent to Variety Victoria together with a calculation showing the total kilometres claimed, multiplied by the reimbursement rate, showing the total amount claimed. The rate for reimbursement for fuel is 13.5 cents per kilometre travelled.


  • Scholarship applications are advertised and applications are to be submitted within the advertised period. Each Scholarship application is considered by the appointed Grants Committee after the application period closes.
  • Applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of the application.
  • Scholarship funds must be spent by 31 December of the scholarship year, unless an extension has been approved in advance by Variety Victoria. Successful Applications As part of the VICKIDS scholarship families must:
  • Complete regular progress reports (minimum two)
  • Advise of all significant achievements by the recipient
  • Ensure their child continues to be enrolled at school
  • Spend funds only on agreed items
  • Funds will be paid directly to the supplier on receipt of an invoice, unless other arrangements are approved in advance by the Grants Coordinator.

Receiving a VICKIDS Scholarship does not prohibit a child from seeking funding from Variety’s Freedom, Future or Caring for Kids Programs.