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December 20, 2021 by Variety - the Children's Charity

In 2021, the Variety SHINE Program spread its wings!

Variety SHINE Programs ensure all kids have the opportunity to keep up with their friends in the classroom by accessing multi-disciplinary support to overcome language and learning challenges. For many children who participate, Variety SHINE is where they receive their first diagnosis for a range of language and learning disabilities.

For kids, early identification plays a key role in shaping their future. Variety SHINE Programs provide detailed reports and recommendations to families and educators to empower them to create learning environments that will allow each child to prosper, long after the program ends. Variety SHINE provides assessments, intensive intervention and support for children aged 4-14 years.

This year, the program was delivered through a mix of both in person and online sessions. Through COVID, the online access to therapy was a lifeline for many kids facing the fear of being left behind in their education.

Highlights included:

184 children supported
7 programs across 6 schools
25 student therapists from 2 universities
5 supervisors trained across Speech Pathology and Psychology
3,912 sessions delivered
2,934 direct therapy hours
Valued at $1.2million

“I thought the program was fantastic. The student therapist did a fabulous job both engaging with Ben*, finding out his interests and targeting his needs. I particularly appreciated being able to attend one of his sessions and seeing exactly what they were  working on. I wish I had attended more of the sessions!”
— Ben’s Teacher

“I could see that Allegra* was saying more words, paying greater attention and generally more engaged in learning. It was helpful to gain strategies working with Allegra when
she returns to the classroom. I read the comprehensive notes from each session. I found these notes useful both as a record and means to think about what to plan in the future. I can confidently say that I could see significant student engagement and parent involvement. Both Allegra’s father and myself agreed that we have picked up on strategies and techniques to use when instructing Allegra on learning tasks.”
— Allegra’s Teacher

What our Variety SHINE kids had to say…

“I made a lot of progress in reading words and I got a lot better at reading. My mum was  proud of me because I did a lot of reading. The best part was drawing and the most helpful thing was playing games with all of the words.”

“I liked the sessions. I liked the reading and the games. The first time I tried my goal I didn’t get it right. The second time I kind of got it right and the third time I got it right. I’m better at telling the story correctly.”

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