Variety Shine Program

Shining on for Kids in Need

What is the Variety SHINE Program?

The Variety SHINE Program has two elements, the Variety SHINE Intensive Program and the Variety SHINE Schools Program. Whilst slightly different in their structure, both initiatives have a common goal to assist and improve learning outcomes for children with learning and language difficulties.

The Variety SHINE Program sees kids who are struggling at school given access to a team of allied health professionals either through an intensive opportunity over the school holidays, or onsite at their school. Allied health professionals come together from various disciplines to understand each individual child and how best to support their learning. The program allows professionals to work together to understand how the different areas are inter-related in the support of each child’s needs. Based off assessments of the child, the Variety SHINE team together form a plan and provide recommendations that can be actioned at home and in the classroom to improve the child’s learning outcomes in the long-term.

The Variety SHINE Program sees university students in their final years of study from various disciplines work alongside the children, under the supervision of highly-trained experts in their field. All work completed by the students is guided by their supervisors and closely reviewed. The Variety SHINE Program is a fantastic learning opportunity for the students, enabling them to gain insight and understanding of the complex needs of children who struggle with learning and language.

Outside of the program, health professionals can work in isolation of one another. Not only does this often mean additional expense for families, but issues can arise when practitioners are unable to gain a broad understanding of the issues faced by the child. The Variety SHINE Program allows health professionals to collaborate to deliver services. Together they are able to strategize and come up with robust recommendations that allow the families and teachers of kids to cater to complex needs from across different disciplines.

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