Meet Keira

12-year-old Keira is a big sister and loves listening to P!nk and spending time with her family. Among other conditions, Keira has cerebral palsy and requires support for mobility.

In 2022, Variety granted her a Hippocampe All Terrain wheelchair, which she desperately needed to be able to safely traverse the rural property she lives on with her family.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Keira was unable to access any of the outdoor areas that surround her home without risk of causing damage to herself or her manual wheelchair. With the Hippocampe wheelchair, Keira can now negotiate the rocky, uneven paddocks and bush terrain on and around the family’s 2.5-acre property, including local walking tracks. The wheelchair also allows Keira to take part in community gatherings and attend events like the local markets with her family.