Rita’s Story

Rita's Story

Variety Heart Scholarship Recipient

Rita is a fourteen-year-old who loves horses and has a talent for equestrian. Rita and her horse Puffin, have a long list of eventing accolades including many first place ribbons. One day, Rita hopes to compete in the Olympics. Rita also has Cystic Fibrosis, and takes 35-40 tablets a day to manage her illness.

Rita has regular physiotherapy, blood tests, clinic visits and hospital admissions. For Rita, managing her condition can be time consuming, but throughout she remains extremely dedicated to her sport. Rita travels 120km to Puffin, 7 days a week to train. Weekend competitions also require extensive travel across the region.

In her downtime, Rita volunteers at a Race Training facility to learn more about horse training. Rita’s Variety Heart Scholarship assists with competition fees and memberships to access quality training. We know there is a bright future ahead for Rita, and her dedication and commitment to her sport makes her not only an outstanding athlete, but a worthy recipient.