Birthday Legends unite, and say NO to bullying

March 15, 2019 by nswadmin

Today is the ninth annual National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, a day when schools across Australia are taking action against bullying, focusing on the changes we can all make to help create safer communities for everyone. 

Kids living with a disability are twice as likely to experience bullying. Half of all kids* living with a disability are bullied at school, and are more likely to be excluded by other kids because of their disability. 

We’re inviting you to Become a B’day Legend’ by pledging your birthday, to help stop bullying of kids living with a disability.  

With our help (and some birthday love from your nearest and dearest), you can stand up to bullying, and make a big difference to the lives of kids in need.  By pledging your birthday, you’ll help kids living with a disability to feel safer, more included and accepted. 

Your birthday pledge will help give kids a fair go by supporting Variety Just Like You, a program delivered in NSW and ACT schools that educates kids and builds awareness of people with a disability. The aim is to stop bullying and celebrate people of all abilities. 

It’s easy to get involved: 

  • Pledge your birthday – we’ll send you a pack in the mail to help make this a birthday to remember. 
  • Fundraise – set up your campaign and invite your loved ones to donate in place of gifts. Download the fundraising tips and tools to help. 
  • Throw a party (or not) – Whether you’re throwing a big bash, or something more low- key, we’ve got lots of downloadable invites and decorations to help you celebrate. 
  • Give kids a fair go – every dollar you raise for your birthday will go towards Variety Just Like You, so you can help stop bullying of kids with disability.  

Whether your birthday is just around the corner, or a few months away, Become a B’day Legend today by pledging your birthday, and say NO to bullying. 

  * Children and Young People with Disability Australia 2016, CYDA Education Survey 2016