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August 12, 2021 by nswadmin

As the NSW lockdown continues, it’s hard to believe it was only a short time ago that we came all together at Walsh Bay for our inaugural Spin 4 Kids Sydney event.

Among all the stories of smiles, sweat and sunshine to come from the day, was the tremendous tale of the team from Endeavour Energy.

Endeavour Energy blitzed the competition taking out both the highest fundraising team award and the award for Kings and Queens of Spin for travelling a whopping total of 103km.

The team even managed to spring a HUGE surprise on us on the day when they announced the organisation was generously dollar matching all the contributions made by Endeavour Energy staff – bringing their total raised to an amazing $28,500.

We were keen to know the secrets of their fundraising and spinning success, so we spoke with Endeavour Energy CEO, Guy Chalkley, and asked him to spill the beans.

Why did you become involved in the Variety Spin 4 Kids Sydney event?

Our mission is “powering our communities for a brighter future”. Looking after people and caring for our communities is very much a part of our culture – community service really is in our DNA. The way our people respond in emergencies, working around the clock to help our communities stay safe after a bushfire or a flood really does represent the heart and soul of Endeavour Energy.

Recently we launched a new volunteering policy that gives our people two days of paid volunteer leave annually to support organisations close to their hearts, or to participate in Endeavour Energy “Make a Difference” days.

We knew a charity like Variety – that supports the needs of the sick, the disadvantaged and those living with a disability – would appeal strongly to our people so we began by inquiring about team building and volunteering activities. When our discussions revealed the opportunity to sponsor a team in the Spin 4 Kids Sydney event, we just couldn’t say no.

How did you bring your super successful team together?

We had no trouble getting a team together – in fact we had more volunteers than we needed! People jumped at the chance to get behind a very worthwhile cause. Our team came from all parts of the business – from head office to our depots.

I knew the event would really strike a chord with our people because we love playing a part in looking after our communities. We’re talking about looking after the needs of children… that goes to heart of serving community. The humility and dedication required to give service to people are values we really hold dear, and we know that not only does it make a real difference on the ground, but it’s rewarding for our people, and brings us all closer together.

We also love a challenge, and our team captains did a great job of bringing our team together in pursuit of valuable fundraising support for Variety.

I’ll say they did! Were you surprised at the success of your team’s fundraising efforts?

I don’t think I was surprised… this is how we respond as a team – we pitch in and put our shoulder to the wheel. But it’s also something we don’t take for granted either, so it was very rewarding, if not surprising, and it is something we like to celebrate openly and show gratitude to our people for the amazing contributions they make.

What a wonderful way of celebrating – dollar matching the amount raised by your staff!

The event had so caught the imagination and enthusiasm of our people that we thought it would be a meaningful and wonderful opportunity to dollar match in support of Variety. Our people felt really excited and proud to have driven such a wonderful contribution. Although our staff knew from the beginning that we were intending to dollar match their donations as part of our Workplace Giving program, we kept it a secret from the Variety Spin 4 Kids team. It was really a joy springing that surprise on them!

How did it feel to win both titles – the Kings & Queens of Spin, as well as the Highest Fundraising Team awards?

I know some of the sporty-spices in our team had their eye on the Kings & Queens of Spin title… They were always going to give that a good go, and they really enjoyed that win. But we were surprised to also have raised the most funds for Variety, and that was very rewarding. It was a great way to end the day!

So, your team enjoyed the event then?

Our team had a ball… I’m sure some of them considered it a perfect day “at the office”! There was wonderful camaraderie and a sense of fun and healthy competition that really lifted them all.

In hindsight, we were all so lucky to have such a beautiful, sunny day to gather and make this happen before we were hit once more by the effects of the pandemic. I think this will be a real highlight of the year for our team – something they’ll look back on very fondly as a great day.

What would you say to other organisations thinking of getting involved?

There’s just no downside to participating in an event like Spin 4 Kids Sydney, and I would urge any corporate to pull together a team and get behind Variety NSW/ACT. It’s fun, it’s a meaningful way to contribute something positive to our communities, and it delivers a lot of positive wellbeing for your people. There’s no other way to look at it – it’s a win-win.

We can expect to see you back next year to defend your titles then.

Not only am I sure we’ll be back next year, but I think we might have to up the ante and design a competitive internal process to get into the team – and then you’ll really see some healthy competition over the Kings and Queens of Spin title!

The last year or so has been very tough for many families, with the fires, floods and the incredibly disruptive impacts of the covid pandemic bringing people pain, hardship and uncertainty. We are looking after our customers during these hard times, and we really value the support that Variety provides to see families through to brighter times ahead.

I do think this is the start of a wonderful relationship between Endeavour Energy and Variety, and I look forward to working together with Variety to create more opportunities that bring real results to families and children in need.

Sounds good to us! A huge thanks to Guy Chalkley and all the Endeavour Energy team for flexing their fundraising and cycling muscle to ensure the success of our 2021 Spin 4 Kids Sydney event.

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