Remembering Margaret White

June 12, 2024 by nswadmin

With Marg White’s passing, we remember with gratitude the incredible contribution that she made to our Ladies of Variety and the whole Variety community.

A long-standing volunteer with the Variety, for over 40 years, Marg was president of the Ladies of Variety (LoV) for many of those years.

Established in 1980 by Gill Mapp (wife of the then Chief Barker Grahame Mapp), the LoV are a hands-on committee which organise outings and entertainment for kids who are sick, experiencing disadvantage or living with a disability.

Marg was very committed to helping children and she loved making a positive difference in children’s lives.

When asked about what she enjoyed the most by volunteering for the Ladies of Variety, Marg said, “I have met some remarkable children coping or battling with challenges life has thrown at them, and outstanding carers and parents. I have been fortunate to establish some exceptional long term relationships with supporters of LoV in the corporate world, both small and large companies, and many individuals.”

At Variety, we believe in a future where every child, regardless of circumstance or ability, can be supported, included and equal. Marg lead the way in giving all children the opportunity to participate and enjoy life.

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