Welcome Charlotte Clough to the Young Variety committee

April 10, 2019 by nswadmin

This month we welcome Charlotte Clough to the Young Variety committee.

When asked why Variety “More people need to know of the wonderful work Variety does, so I am excited to assist in any way I can to get the word out there. My parents have been involved in Variety for many years now, so I have grown up knowing all the great work Variety does in helping kids who are disadvantaged through no fault of their own. That’s why as a charity, Variety is close to my heart.”

Young Variety engages young Australian professionals to raise awareness, engagement and funding to help ensure Variety continues to give kids a fair go.

“For me giving kids a fair go means giving all children the same opportunities in life. This can mean helping kids living with a disability do everything other kids can do, and giving them the chance to have fun and enjoy life experiences, like all kids should be entitled to.”

No stranger to the work of Variety before joining the committee Charlotte reached out in search of corporate volunteer opportunities. “It must have been ‘right place right time’ as Variety had been planning on organising their first working bee to help revamp a school for kids living with disabilities. I encouraged them to let us be the first volunteers for this program, which was an incredibly rewarding experience.”

A marketing specialist by day Charlotte has a passion for events, something that the Young Variety committee will quickly put to good use with their upcoming 10×10 event. Welcome aboard Charlotte!

If you’ve ever thought about donating your time to a worthy cause, such as joining the Young Variety committee, click to find out how.

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