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Variety NSW/ACT provides assistance towards the purchase of a community coach that caters for children living with a disability, chronic illness, financial hardship or geographic isolation. Sunshine Coaches provide transport for children to access their community and/or to experience a range of special programs and activities they would otherwise be unable to attend. Coaches can be fitted with wheelchair modifications, ensuring that all children can attend excursions and extra-curricular activities together.

Applications are now closed 2022 and currently being reviewed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants must:

  • Be based in NSW or ACT
  • Be a School, a Not-for-Profit organisation or Community and Disability Support groups
  • Support kids aged 0 – 18
  • Directly support kids or young people living with a disability, chronic illness, financial hardship or geographic isolation.

Applications are open for one month, which means you can submit your application anytime in March 2022. We recommend you start the application as soon as possible so you can gather all the information required and submit as soon as possible. We cannot accept any applications after 31st March 2022.

As the main contact, you will be asked to provide general information about your organisation and details about how the coach will benefit your organisation. You will be required to address the following points:

  • Name and contact details of applicant and representative
  • Selection of coach including any specifications/modifications
  • Description of applicant and service objectives
  • Desired outcomes
  • Funding and financial information.

No, applications will only be accepted for new coaches. Coach types and possible modifications will be listed in the application and in the Sunshine Coach guidelines.

Once submitted, your application will be pre-assessed by the Kids Support Team to make sure it meets criteria. If eligible, you may be contacted to discuss your application and the potential for a site visit. If your application is shortlisted, it will then go to the Grants Committee for a final decision.

The cost will vary depending on which type of coach is required and which modifications are selected during the application process. This amount will be discussed after the application has been submitted and pre-assessed.

You will be required to answer questions in the application regarding funding, and if your organisation can contribute to the cost of a Sunshine Coach.

Following the assessment of an application, Variety may contact you to discuss the contribution amount being made towards it if applicable.

Special considerations may be made for an applicant’s fundraising capabilities in regards to their contribution amount, including but not limited to their socio-economic service area and/or geographical location, however this is at the discretion of Variety and their assessment of the applicant.

Successful applicants will receive an info pack to help with fundraising ideas (e.g.: sponsorship, fundraising events etc.).

How long does my organisation have to raise this contribution? Once formally approved, applicants are given 12 months to fundraise. Extensions may be given where required but will be at the discretion of Variety.

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