Grace’s Story

13-year-old Grace fell in love with the violin when she was just five. 

Over the past eight years, she has achieved many of her goals but the talented teenager has plenty more in mind. 

“I have placed 3rd in two violin competitions, I am currently working on grade 7 violin, and I am now a Sydney Youth Orchestra ambassador,” says the young Redfern resident. 

“I would love to be in a prestigious orchestra or win a large violin competition. I’m currently completing the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) so another goal is to complete the AMUS (Associate in Music) and LMUS (Licentiate in Music) in future years.” 

Grace credits her mum with introducing her to the violin and her love of music. 

“When my mum was a young girl, she didn’t have the opportunity to play the violin or any instrument at all. She has always loved the violin and believes playing an instrument is good for children’s brain development. I’m very lucky to have been introduced to the violin at such a young age which created a strong foundation towards my future playing.”

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