Kallan's Story

Kallan Strong has two passions in life, Tenpin Bowling & Photography

An incredibly talented tenpin bowler, Kallan shows sheer determination in competing over the last several years which has resulted in him receiving 140 medals and countless trophies. He will continuously step outside his comfort zone and try his hardest to be the best he can be and bowl against some very talented and highly rated adult bowlers who are professionals.

Now that bowling has been announced as an official sport, Kallan’s ultimate goal is to be a part of the Special Olympics Tenpin Bowling team. With his ongoing dedication, hard work and training we have no doubt that we’ll be seeing Kallan wearing the green and gold shortly!

Having experienced autism, dyslexia, language delay and depression; Kallan has proved that he will not let anything get in the way of pursuing his dreams. He is truly resilient and an inspiration to us all.

Last year he completed his Tenpin Bowling coaching certification, Diploma of Photography and set up his photography business, please check out his business page here.

This year he is teaching both photography and tenpin bowling to people with disabilities and he is also completing his Studio Work certificate at TAFE. In February he officially became a back to back NSW Open Masters Champion as well as the All Events winner, what an incredible achievement!

Kallan has received several Variety Heart Scholarship grants which has helped cover training costs, travel (including accommodation & flights), equipment and tournament fees.

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