Kyla’s Variety Journey

Donate to Hair with Heart

Kyla loves jumping on the trampoline, riding her bike and like so many 12-year-old girls, she loves to dance!

Kyla’s mum Belinda says Kyla is always looking to help others so it came as no surprise when she chose to donate her hair to Variety’s Hair with Heart program in November 2019.

“It had taken her about three and a half years to grow her hair long enough so we were all thrilled when she finally got there. We waited until after her dancing concert and in the end, she donated 42cm of hair, as well as the money she had fundraised for Variety,” said Belinda.

Kyla’s kind and compassionate nature was recognised the following month when she was elected school captain. And when she began Year 6 in January 2020 with her best friend in her class and her favourite teacher, Kyla thought she had really hit the jackpot!

It was the very next month, in February 2020, that Kyla’s sister found a perfectly round, bald patch on the top of Kyla’s head.

What began smaller than the size of a 10-cent coin, quickly grew and two weeks later Kyla was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata.

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“It was really upsetting for me because I didn’t really know how much was going to fall out,” said Kyla.

“I was supposed to go to school after my doctor’s appointment, but I didn’t go because I was very upset and scared.”

Belinda said it was so incredibly difficult watching Kyla struggle with the diagnosis as she couldn’t do anything to make it better.

“I shaved my head with her twice but that didn’t stop hers falling out.”

When Kyla first started asking about a wig, Belinda swung into action and began researching options but quickly realised the family faced yet another hurdle.

“I was quite shocked to find out a wig was going to cost close to $5000! We just hadn’t had a chance to save for those sorts of things.”

Fortunately, Freedom Wigs suggested Belinda approach Variety for support and both Kyla and Belinda were thrilled when the wig arrived – just in time for her Year 6 Formal.

“We were so blessed that Variety gave Kyla her grant so she was able to get her wig,” said Belinda.

“When she debuted her new hair at the Year 6 Formal, she just looked stunning. We hadn’t told anyone she was coming with hair. The best comment of the night was from a parent that I hadn’t seen in a while who said to me – ‘how lovely, Kyla’s hair grew back.’

“Kyla and I were both quite chuffed that she thought it was real.”

Kyla agreed.

“I was just really happy because I could be like all the other girls.”

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