Frequently Asked Questions regarding how we help kids

Applicable to all Variety Grants

Applications are made on behalf of the child by a parent/carer or another identified support person (medical professional, caseworker, teacher etc.) aged 18 years and over.
We strongly recommend speaking to your support professionals, caseworkers etc. to assist you during the process. If you require any further support or clarification, please contact the Kids Support Team on [email protected]
The role of the support person is to advocate on behalf of the child and explain how the child will benefit from the equipment. The support person (such as an occupational therapist, speech therapist, physiotherapist or pediatrician) should be able to address the following criteria:

i. The need for the request

ii. How the request will support the overall care plan and benefit the child

iii. evidence of a trial of the equipment (if applicable)

If your grant application is approved, you will receive an outcome letter with full instructions for invoice payments. All payments are received online via your Variety account.


Provide your chosen supplier with a copy of your outcome letter and ask them to issue an itemised tax invoice addressed to Variety – the Children’s Charity. They should also include your child’s name or the grant reference number on the invoice.

Upload the invoice into your Variety account.

Once the invoice is received into your Variety account it will be processed by Kids Support and paid directly to the supplier. Payment takes up to 3 weeks.


The family purchases the approved item(s) as listed on the outcome letter. Please ask for itemised tax receipts issued by the supplier. The reimbursement process is the same as the invoicing process.

Here’s what happens when you send through and application to Variety

FAQs specific to the We Move Grant

To be eligible for a We Move Grant the family household income needs to below $200,000 per annum. This income includes child support payments, rental income, investment income or any other income that is received by any parent/carer who is financially responsible for the beneficiary.