Meet Devin

April 1, 2022 by Variety - the Children's Charity

Meet Devin

Devin’s Assistance Dog was funded this year with thanks to the fundraising from our Variety Petember family. For the first time last year, Variety Petember dressed up dogs were joined by gamers from the Super Animal Royale player community who live streamed and fundraised throughout September.

A longstanding patient of RCH, Devin has had persistent health challenges from the age of 7 months and as a result he has had two neurosurgeries in an effort to control his seizures. Devin actively looks for reassurance and physical soothing from his parents and has two younger siblings who he loves being affectionate with.

Devin’s dog will be multipurpose and serve as an Autism Assistance dog, a Seizure Alert dog and will also help with his vision impairment by assisting him to navigate his environment. It will serve to increase his confidence and independence while helping with emotional regulation in overwhelming situations and alert to impending seizures to keep him safe.

We can’t thank our amazing fundraisers and donors – that’s YOU – for changing the lives of kids in need. Special thanks to our partners SCHMACKOS™, Sheen Panel Service and FuzzYard for supporting our dress-ups for good and Pixile Studios and Modus Games for supporting our live streams.


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