A new bike for Lachie

July 15, 2016 by followadmin

We first met Lachie in 2011 when Variety funded a modified bike as part of a Bikes4Kids Christmas Presentation.

Lachie’s family love getting out and about together, however if they take Lachie out on his modified trike they are unable to stop anywhere for a drink or lunch as he doesn’t have anywhere to sit without his wheelchair.

When they were offered a fully funded bike that could carry Lachie in his chair, they were over the moon, unfortunately the funding fell through at the last minute.

As the family were so excited about the opportunity for everyone to ride to school or to get out in the community together, they didn’t want to give up and applied to Variety for the required funding. We were thrilled to help Lachie out once again!

After a highly anticipated wait of 12 months as the bike was made, the family finally took possession last weekend. They didn’t let the cold weather deter them, and after rugging up the maiden voyage was ahoy!

Carly even rode Lachie to school this morning. This brightly coloured bike brought much interest and the kids loved the attention they received.

Happy trails Lachie!

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