Variety partners with Bicycle Network

June 17, 2022 by Variety - the Children's Charity

Variety partners with Bicycle Network

Bicycle Network is proudly announcing a new partnership with Variety – the Children’s Charity, which kicked off this week with a donation of bikes to Waaia Yalca South Primary School in northern Victoria.

This exciting partnership will see the two organisations providing support to children who face barriers to participating in active travel in a new way. Bicycle Network will work closely with Variety to identify priority schools for bike education, and support Variety to deliver their donated bikes to children in need. The partnership will ensure that all children get to enjoy the rewards of riding bikes and actively travelling to school.

This week, both organisations attended an active travel celebration day at Waaia Yalca South Primary School, and made a donation of bikes, locks and helmets to the school’s children.

“Variety and Bicycle Network share a passion for the power and benefits bike riding can give to kids and communities,” said Variety Victoria CEO, Mandy Burns, “we are delighted to create a partnership that utilises each organisation’s bike program to create a stronger benefit to kids and communities.”

“For some time we have recognised kids needed support in learning about bike safety, simple maintenance and safe routes to schools when they receive a donated bike. We are thrilled that together with Bicycle Network Bike Education experts we can make this vision a reality.”

Bicycle Network General Manager Leyla Asadi is excited about the partnership. “Bicycle Network’s Ride2School program supports students to gain the confidence, skills and awareness to ride to school, but, of course if you don’t have access to a bike, the program doesn’t have the same effect,” Leyla said.

“This fantastic partnership allows us to have deeper impact with the schools and communities we work with through the Ride2School program and helps us work towards further equity for more Australian children.”

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