Variety Raffles

When you buy a Variety raffle ticket, you’ll get great odds of winning incredible prizes, and the satisfaction of helping WA kids in need. It’s a win-win!

Support local kids in need and WIN!

One way that Variety WA raises money for WA kids who are sick, disadvantaged or living with disability is by holding major raffles and lotteries with incredible prizes on offer. From major cash prizes to luxury vehicles and once-in-a-lifetime holidays, your ticket purchase could win you a life-changing prize, as well as changing the lives of WA kids.

Better yet – you could win multiple prizes if you purchase your ticket before the Early Bird and Bonus Prize cut-offs, so you’ll double or even triple your chances of winning!

The Variety Car Raffle is now closed!

Thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket in our 2020 Variety Car Raffle.

Please stay tuned for more information on upcoming raffles in 2021, and thanks for supporting Variety – the Children’s Charity and WA kids who are sick, disadvantaged or living with disability.

Past winners

2020 Variety Car Raffle Results

Grand Prize: Alan, ticket number 598

Early Bird Prize: John, ticket number 884

Bonus Prize: Wendy, ticket number 1838

2020 Variety Heart of Gold Raffle Results

Grand Prize: Jessica, ticket number 3152

Early Bird Prize: Stephanie, ticket number 725

Bonus Prize: John, ticket number 1310

2020 Variety Car Raffle Results

Grand Prize: Eileen, ticket number 1450

Early Bird Prize: Charles, ticket number 2070

Bonus Prize: Gemma, ticket number 308

2019 Variety Outback Adventure Raffle Results

Grand Prize: Gaile, ticket number 2470

Early Bird Prize: Glen, ticket number 1096

Bonus Prize: Carol, ticket number 218

2019 Variety Car Raffle Results

Grand Prize: Loella, ticket number 2020

Early Bird Prize: Simon, ticket number 2688

Bonus Prize: Lisa, ticket number 709

2018 Variety Car Raffle Results

Grand Prize: Sara Hodgen, ticket number 756

$10K Early Bird Prize: Peter Lawrence, ticket number 1413

$5K Bonus Prize: Stephen Lewis, ticket number 767