Variety Heart Scholarships

Applications for the 2024/2025 Variety Heart Scholarships will reopen in September.

What is a Variety Heart Scholarship?

Variety believes all Aussie kids deserve a fair go, and that all kids should have the chance to follow their dreams and fulfil their potential. 

The Variety Heart Scholarship offers financial support for your child to continue thriving in their areas of talent. Whether this is new dance shoes and costumes, or support with private training and tuition fees. We offer an array of eligible items up to $4,000. Household income limits are applied, and your application will be reviewed to determine the scholarship amount. You can review the WA Guidelines & Eligibility here. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Child must reside in WA  
  • Child must be within age range of 6 to 17 at time of application.  
  • The Variety Heart Scholarships support the continued development of talented or gifted WA kids striving to achieve excellence in fields of the arts, sport, or academics. The scholarship provides practical support in funding tuition, equipment, competition fees and more, allowing kids to follow their dreams. Our aim is to assist children who have moved beyond participating for social and community participation and are now in the pursuit of excellence. 

    How can a Variety Heart Scholarship help me?

    Child must be talented or gifted in one of these areas; The Arts, Sport, or Academics (extracurricular) AND live with either disability, disadvantage, or sickness (long term health condition)  

  • Child’s achievements/potential must be able to be verified by a relevant professional (mandatory) 
  • Family annual household income is within guide*

How is my application assessed?

To be successful in receiving a Variety Heart Scholarship, you must meet the eligibility requirements. In addition to reviewing each applicant, we will also look for the following:

  • Clear concise information. Define exactly what your child requires and why they require it
  • Correct legible attachments must be included in the application process
  • Support letters (template provided by Variety WA during application process) from a professional person that can vouch for your child’s talent and achievements they have attained

It is important each application is clear and includes all supporting documents to prevent a decline in the application.

Which supporting documents do I need to apply for a Variety Heart Scholarship?

Please follow the WA Guidelines & Eligibility Guidelines here.

What if I need help with completing an application?

If you require assistance or have any questions at the time, you can speak to one of our Kids Support Team members: [email protected] or call: 08 9355 3655

Can I apply again after receiving a Variety Heart Scholarship?

Yes, previous recipients can re-apply again. The exact same eligibility process will still be required, with updated supporting documents (Please note that prior recipients are not guaranteed continued funding).

When will I receive my Variety Heart Scholarship?

Depending on the date you apply. You will receive notification of your Variety Heart Scholarship either mid-December 2024 or late February 2025.

Do Variety Heart Scholarship recipients receive cash payments?

No. Variety WA will pay the supplier directly on invoice ore reimburse the recipient via proof of purchase/receipts.

What can I apply for as part of a Variety Heart Scholarship?

Variety WA can support by funding with the following: Training, Entry/Competition, Lessons, Courses, Equipment, Registrations Costs, Uniforms, Airfare costs for child competing.

 What is the opening and closing dates for the 2024/2025 Variety Heart Scholarships?

This year, applications open in late September 2024 and will close midnight, Sunday 26 January 2025.

Will Variety WA hold a Scholarship Awards event? 

We do. Every year, a Variety Heart Scholarship Awards event is held to celebrate WA kids who have received their scholarships. We invite families, friends, coaches and sponsors along to celebrate achievements. We believe it’s important to celebrate the wonderful success of the many kids that are working hard to reach their goals. 

This calendar date is one we look forward to. We also welcome the Variety Choir to sing and perform. The Awards event has a great show of supporters and sponsors who all add to the success of our program. 

Without the support of our community, we wouldn’t be able to provide a scholarship program or reward Grants to WA kids who need assistance. We recognise each and every person who commits to helping WA kids achieve their best from life. 

We would also like to say a special thanks to our sponsors: Bendat Family Foundation and The Whately Foundation. 

Over 716 Scholarships have been awarded since 1996.