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Together we can impact young lives in ways you may never have imagined.

Help Kids In Need

Thanks to your support, we can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of many WA kids who are living with disability, sickness or experiencing disadvantage.

Variety is one of the most trusted and reliable charities, having given close to $2 billion in grants globally to help children who are living with disability, sickness or experiencing disadvantage.Your generous support goes towards helping so many WA kids who need our assistance. This assistance comes through our Grants, Programs, Scholarships and Experiences.

Variety Grants 

Variety assists both individuals and organisations with the Variety Grants program which provides practical equipment for WA kids living with disability, sickness or experiencing disadvantage.

Variety Heart Scholarships 

The Variety Heart Scholarships program recognises the inspirational talents of WA kids living with disability, sickness or experiencing disadvantage by helping them to ‘chase their dreams’ within the areas of sport, the arts and education.

Variety Motor Mouth Camp 

This program helps children who have limited speech and rely on communications aids to express themselves through the support of therapists, volunteers and families. The program assists both children and their parents to develop this skills and confidence in using alternative communication devices.

Variety Choir 

The Variety Choir is an inclusive group for young people who share a love of singing, music and performing. The program strives to enrich members’ lives by helping to build self-confidence, create new friendships and of course personal musical development.

Variety Kids Christmas Party 

This experience puts smiles on the faces of hundreds of kids and families. Families come along to this exclusive event so that many families within our community can enjoy the spirit of Christmas together alongside a visit from Santa.

Variety Sunshine Packs

In 2022, we formed a collaboration with Operation Sunshine WA, working together with the aim or producing enough Variety Sunshine packs for every child who needs one. Operation Sunshine WA is a volunteer run charity helping women and children displaced by family domestic violence and/or living under the care of child protection services in WA.

Your donation to Variety WA will help families get the financial support they need by delivering Variety Kids Support through the following:


Our heroes made this happen

Thanks to the generous support from people like you, thousands of children and their families have been able access to much-needed support for things like specialist equipment, therapy and medical supplies.

Jenny donated $500 to help fund mobility equipment

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Presbyterian Ladies College ran an event for hair donations

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Michael volunteered his chef skills at 2016 Variety of Chefs