Jay Wakefield


Jay’s decision to stand for the Variety WA Board stems from his passion for the charity and its mission to create better lives for sick and disadvantaged kids. His involvement with the charity commenced in 2015 when he had the opportunity to provide support for the home lottery. During the first two years of the lottery, he and his firm worked closely with the Variety Board and staff, as well as those tasked with making the lottery a success. Following this, a good mate asked him to join him and participate in the 2017 Variety Bash. Being an avid car enthusiast, he jumped at the chance and was hooked. Since then, he has Bashed three times including 2021’s Ore to Shore, which he and his partner experienced together for the first time. Jay recently completed his first Creative Car Cruise.

As a Chartered and Certified Practising accountant, Jay has operated his own accounting firm for the last 18 years. During that period, he has had the privilege to be involved in many not-for-profit organisations in various roles such as CFO, board member or external consultant, providing him with a great base of experience and knowledge to benefit the charity. Jay is also the Chair of the Finance & Risk Committee.