Variety Motor Mouth Camp

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Program Description

The Variety Motor Mouth Program has been created to assist children who have limited speech and rely on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) aids to express themselves.

Variety, along with a committee of specialised members, organise camps and activity days that cater for separate age groups – teenage children and primary school aged children.

Each opportunity has the goal to develop the children’s skills and confidence using their AAC device to communicate in everyday life.

Due to recent restrictions and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, the 2020 Variety Motor Mouth Camp and Variety Teen Motor Mouth Day have been postponed.


Variety Motor Mouth Camp

This camp is held for the primary school-aged children and has been run successfully for over 7 years. The camp is held in September/October each year at Point Walter Reserve in Bicton.

The program during camp combines fun, intensive therapy and training for the AAC user, informative workshops for the parents, and recreational activities for siblings. There is also plenty of free time and fun activities for the whole family.

The Camp is a fantastic opportunity for children using AAC to get to know other children in the same situation, share experiences and make new friends. The primary aim of the camp is for children using AAC to improve their system use and become more competent communicators in a fun and relaxing environment. We hope that this camp will be the first step in starting to develop a stronger community of AAC users in WA!

Variety Teen Motor Mouth Day

Since 2018, Variety WA has delivered the Variety Teen Motor Mouth Day, which is a fun activity day for teens. The day is focused on doing something fun in the community while empowering the AAC user to develop their communication skills for life and be confident and independent communicators in a public setting.

The 2020 Variety Teen Motor Mouth Day will be held on Saturday 28th March 2020 in Fremantle. During the day, campers will participate in a range of activities with a primary parent/carer, out and about in the community. Activities will focus on communicating with new people and building communication skills for life!

Goals of the camp include;

  • Learning new skills including how to prepare AAC for communication interactions in the community
  • Practicing communication skills with new and unfamiliar people in the community
  • Building independence and confidence to communicate everyday things
  • Raising community awareness of AAC
  • Building a social network of teenagers who use AAC, some of whom may be interested in mentoring younger Motor Mouth campers at future camps
  • Upskilling parents to prepare for community outings

In 2019 we helped more than 8,000 WA kids in need

Variety WA grants equipment that helps children with their mobility, like wheelchairs, walking aids, and modified vehicles. We also grant rare and expensive medical equipment and services including insulin pumps, wigs, oxygen pumps and more. We even grant technology, programs and scholarships that help children unlock all the joys of education and communication.