Meet Amara

Meet 10 year Amara.

Apart from having a beautiful smile that can light up any room, Amara now also has a brand new customised trike to replace her old bike which she has outgrown. Amara loves being outside and going for walks in her wheelchair, and riding her current bike. She enjoys interacting with her sister during bike rides in the park during which Amara smiles and laughs, showing her excitement.

Amara lives with Severe Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Cortical Visual Impairment and a Profound Global Developmental Delay. Amara does not have voluntary control of her limbs, however has some control of her head and neck. This is a disability that she was born with and will be ongoing throughout her life.

Variety granted Amara two items – a customised trike and a Leckey positioning system. The new trike will be modified for Amara, allowing her to continue riding around home and at the park! The positioning system allows Amara to be positioned safely on the floor in various positions. The system can also be packed into a duffel bag, and be transported to other places in the community, allowing Amara to enjoy floor-time in various environments.

Variety supports hundreds of children like Amara who are living with a disability, if you know someone who could benefit from a some extra support please contact us or check out the many ways in which Variety helps kids.

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