Hannah's Story

You want to feel as confident as you possibly can when you start high school.

Starting high school can be a daunting step in life.

As a tall, 13-year-old girl with Alopecia, you want to feel as confident as you possibly can when you walk into your new high school for the first time. 

For Hannah, having her Variety wig made the experience a little easier and now she’s settled in at a new school and made new friends, she doesn’t feel the need to wear it every day. 

This is Hannah’s second wig from Variety. Hannah’s mum Christine originally applied for government assistance with a wig to help her then 8 year old daughter, but was disappointed to find there was only support for Alopecia Universalis, not Alopecia Areata which is what Hannah has.  Christine found Freedom Wigs which works closely with Variety and they referred her to the Variety Hair With Heart grant program. Variety was able to quickly approve the application and provide Hannah with her first wig, which made a world of difference for the lively and funny Hannah.  

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