Help when it’s needed most

Every child deserves the chance to be the best they can be, to get the most out of life, regardless of their ability or background. For some families, having a child with special needs can be a life-long challenge.

Imagine if your child needed round-the-clock care that you just couldn’t afford. Or an expensive piece of medical equipment to help them walk or talk.

Where would you turn for help?

For children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs, that place is Variety – the Children’s Charity. Each year, thousands of these children and their families turn to Variety for support when they need it most. And many more are waiting patiently for caring people like you to help them.

You can make the biggest difference of all.

Variety is where families find help when government assistance isn’t available. When they can’t afford specialist care and equipment for their child. When there’s nowhere else to turn.

Your donation today will help change kids’ lives in ways you may never have imagined.

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