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Variety’s We Learn Grant is now closed for applications and will reopen in 2022. The Variety We Learn Grant helps families living with financial hardship to purchase educational technology and supplies.


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Computer and internet access at home is an essential part of school life (especially when school and home collide – hello, lockdown!). Not to mention all the extra exercise books, paper, pens and colouring pencils that are now taking up residence on those dining tables being used as school desks!

Of course, we know not every child is fortunate enough to have all of these resources. And without them, kids are faced not only with significant academic challenges but also with issues such as social isolation that can prevent them from reaching their full potential. Unfortunately, these challenges and risks are often increased in remote and rural areas where kids may not have access to everything they need for online learning. 

The Variety We Learn Grant is here to help bridge the gap.  

Open to families with children aged 4 – 18 throughout NSW and the ACT, We Learn comprises two grants – Educational Technology and Educational Supplies.  

Together, we can ensure that all kids – no matter where they live, no matter how rural or remote – can access the educational technology and supplies they need to learn and achieve their very best.  

Educational Technology Guidelines

Educational Supplies Guidelines

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a maximum gross household income of $70,000 per annum.
  • We Learn Educational Technology grant recipients will receive a maximum of $1200. 
  • We Learn Educational Supplies grant recipients will receive a maximum of $500.
  • Educational Technology grant recipients can use the grant to pay for any of the following items from the exclusive online Harvey Norman/ Variety NSW Website: iPad, computer or laptop, protective case or computer accessories (keyboard, mouse, stylus pen etc). High school students can also purchase printers and educational software. 
  • Educational Supplies grant recipients can use the grant to pay for school uniforms, stationery, school textbooks, school lunch boxes and drinks bottles, school excursions/ incursions and school camp. Items must be purchased from Big W, Lowes or the child’s school.
Applications will be accepted for children attending school aged 4 to 18 years. 
There is a maximum of two applications per household per grant.
Yes, families can apply for both at the same time but there is a maximum of two applications per household per grant.
Successful applicants have six months from the date of approval to use their grant.
Variety has offered Educational Technology and Educational Supplies grants at various times previously, but the grants have been now combined under one banner and the framework around each has been redesigned to make it easier for families to apply for and receive the help they need. The acquisition of items will be easier with new suppliers in place – Harvey Norman, Big W and Lowes. 
Friday 3 September 2021 at 5pm AEST. Please note the system will close automatically at 5pm and applications cannot be accepted after that time.

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