Fundraising Ideas

Get inspired by these great fundraising ideas to get you started.

Containers for change

What if we told you that you can make a big difference with small change…

Fundraise through work or school

Ask your colleagues/classmates to bring in a gold coin to help give Aussie kids a fair go.

Feeling creative?

If you are crafty or creative, why not make something unique and sell it at markets, on Gumtree or Ebay. Or you could run a raffle using what you’ve created as a prize.

Ready to declutter?

Is your wardrobe about to collapse because you have kept all of the clothes you have ever owned? Perhaps it’s time for a garage sale, Ebay, Marketplace or Gumtree listings, or get your mates together for a clothes sale.

Celebrating soon?

How about asking friends and family to support kids in need in lieu of gifts… who really needs another set of birthday bath towels or anniversary steak knives?

Looking for an excuse to glam-up?

Get out of your work, school or house clothes and get glammed up! Host a dinner party, high tea. Logies night, wine and cheese tasting night or race day and raise funds for kids in need.

Are you the next Master Chef?

Let’s face it, we all love to eat – especially when someone else has done the hard work making it and would happily pay a couple of dollars for a tasty treat! Cook up a storm to raise funds for Aussie kids!

Let’s get active!

Register in a local fun-run, marathon, swimming or cycling event and fundraise for Variety along the way!