Education and learning equipment

Variety Future Kids

Having the chance to make the most of an education is the bridge to a brighter future.

Variety supports children’s education, through things like technology, music, sport, therapy or a scholarship. Variety also proudly provides a range of support to special education and disadvantaged schools.

Schools, organisations and individuals can apply for educational equipment such as iPads with specialist apps for communication. Some of the equipment and programs we have funded in the last 12 months in our Variety Future Kids Program include:-

  • Mobi 2 Intelligaze and PODD – a communication device that uses eye gaze
  • Tobii I-12 device – a speech generation device
  • Classroom electronic whiteboards for a special development school
  • Start-up football training equipment
  • Cooking boxes for an Indigenous organisation
  • Eye Gaze System for a primary school
  • iSpeak for a classroom
  • A sensory room for children with sensory issues
  • School garden program for a special development school
  • Camps for children with special needs
  • School Bike Project for a special development school

You can full the full list of equipment we consider funding here

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In 2016 we helped 100,519 children

Equipment that helps children with their mobility, like wheelchairs, walking aids, and modified vehicles. Rare and expensive medical equipment and services including insulin pumps, wigs, feeds, nappies, oxygen pumps and more. Technology, programs and scholarships that help children unlock all the joys of education and communication.