They need your help

For children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs, life can be tough.

When families are struggling to cope, Variety provides  much-needed support for things like specialist equipment, therapy, and medical supplies.

Your business can make a positive, lasting difference to the lives of children in need. In return, your staff will get to see the direct impact they are having on the children and families you support.

How your support helps

All children deserve the same opportunities in life. No matter what hardships they may face. Partnering with Variety demonstrates your orgnanisation’s commitment to corporate social responsibility as you will be helping thousands of children and their families when they need it most.


Through your partnership with Variety,  you’ll be helping kids gain independence and the freedom to be themselves, regardless of their ability. You’ll be supporting them with things like wheelchairs, walking frames, hoists and vehicle modifications. Even in-home therapy equipment like trampolines and pools.


Children with special needs can communicate better with additional specialised support.. You’ll be providing life-changing equipment including communications devices like iPads, laptops, Braille notetakers and specialised software.


Being a charity partner with Variety means you’ll be helping families care for their children with a medical condition in their own home by providing vital medical items and equipment, including feeds, nappies, orthotics, seizure alarms and sensory equipment.

Rare disease

Variety offers specialist help to children affected by a rare disease or condition. When families are finding it difficult to access support for their child’s condition, you’ll be helping provide medical support grants of up to $1000 and ongoing case management services.

Schools and organisations

You can support schools and other organisations with things like Variety Sunshine Coaches, which can be wheelchair modified, for getting kids to school, and modified playgrounds and equipment for children with special needs.

Wigs for kids

For a child or adolescent, losing their hair can have a profound effect on their life and self-esteem. Partnering with Variety means you’ll be helping provide wigs for kids who have lost their hair due to alopecia, cancer or other medical conditions.


Some children have such special needs that they require one-of-a-kind pieces of equipment. This can be out of reach for many families who are already struggling to cope financially. You can help ensure no child misses out on bespoke equipment that will change their quality of life significantly.


Partnering with Variety means you’ll be helping children reach their true potential. You’ll be helping provide academic, sports or arts scholarships, encouraging any child, no matter what their ability, to follow their dreams.

Thanks to our amazing supporters

Variety WA is very fortunate to have a loyal and passionate group of sponsors and corporate partners. Across a diverse range of industries, from large corporates to family owned-small businesses, they hold one thing in common – each makes an invaluable contribution to help WA kids in need, and we are indebted to their support.

As a local children’s charity with the strength of an international brand, aligning your brand with Variety WA allows you to form a partnership that will meet corporate demand for community investment, delivering tangible benefits to both our children in need and back to your business.


See our partners

There is still so much to do

The Variety team are keen to speak with you about a partnership. We cannot continue our work alone and require the passion, expertise and enthusiasm of our corporate partners.