Variety offer grants to both individuals, organisations and communities to help children when others can’t.  We support organisations, kids and their families challenged by disability or chronic illness, geographic isolation and suffering financial hardship.

Applicants must be:

  • Aged 0 and 18 years; and
  • Residents of SA, but it is not necessary to have Australian citizenship.

An application must meet all eligibility requirements.  In addition to reviewing each applicant based on their merit, we also look for the following:

  • Clear, concise information. Define exactly what the child or organisation requires and why.
  • Correct legible attachments.
  • Support letters from an appropriate professional person that directly discusses and focuses on what the child’s or organisations needs are.

If the application is not clear and/or doesn’t include requested information or attachments, it may be declined.

We strongly recommend speaking to your support professionals, caseworkers and teachers etc. to assist you during the process.  If you require further support or clarification, please contact our Grants Coordinator on 8293 8744 or [email protected] .

Once submitted, all applications are assessed by the Grants Coordinator to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria. Then, all eligible applications are considered by the Grants Committee and each application is assessed on its own merit. This may require more follow up from a committee member.  All decisions are at the discretion of this committee. The application then needs to be approved by the Board, after the committee have endorsed their recommendation.  The process can take up to 2-3 months.