IMPORTANT: COVID-19 – The 2021 Variety Bash and the 2021 Variety Moto Run

June 30, 2021 by Variety South Australia


In light of the worsening COVID-19 scenarios interstate and with the best interests and safety of our Bash and Moto Run communities in mind, Variety has unanimously decided to keep both events wholly within SA.

Whilst this is a hugely disappointing decision to make given the significant amount of time invested, it is one we had to make to ensure we protected our Variety Bash and Moto Run communities and allowed us to run these vitally important events with confidence.

The event management team will now rise to the challenge of altering the last four days of the Variety Bash and re-routing the Moto Run entirely to ensure all entrants and stakeholders have a memorable experience and one you all will enjoy.

The respective event Chairs, George Belperio and Ron Barton are now in the process of finalising an updated and an alternate route and we will advise all entrants in due course.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding.

Brenton Ramsey
Chair, Variety SA Board

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