Car 808: ‘Groovy’

Greg Mattner, John Capaldo, Robert Parsons, Bryce Tonkin

KI to the Capital, South Australia 2020

Car 808: ‘Groovy’

Theme: Groovy
Car: 1984 Holden Caprice
Crew: Greg Mattner, John Capaldo, Robert Parsons, Bryce Tonkin

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Team Bio

The stray cats that call themselves Grooovy are back at it again for the 2020 Bash. We have seen great privilege bestowed by the attendance of John “Roy” Capaldo in a genuine cameo as himself. As our designated Italian he is using 2020 as his warm up for the 2021 Little Italy to Big Italy Bash. This is Bryce’s 5th Bash which coincides nicely with Groovy Greg’s 10th so expect some on track celebrations. Who knows…… we may even do a stop and go fun stop. The warmer November weather may activate some fresh air frisby action with a definite “watch that space” flavour. Rob “Pasty” Parsons has been working on a 200m frisby floater so get ready for some BIG action. Car Grooovy is fresh off winning best presented car and will definitely be keen to keep that flag flying. With sounds from the amazing team at Tonkin’s In Car Solution’s expect the music to add that extra polish to the great Bash days!

Sponsors we would like to thank:

We would also like to acknowledge the great support of Tonkins In Car Solutions and Glynde Mitre 10