Car 88: ‘Madagascar’

Roz Chow, Maylene Loo, Lynn Hobbs, Melissa McKenzie

KI to the Capital, South Australia 2020

Car 88: ‘Madagascar’

Theme: Madagascar
Car: 1982 Holden VC Commodore
Crew: Roz Chow, Maylene Loo, Lynn Hobbs, Melissa McKenzie

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Team Bio

The Bash has always been a Magical Mystery Tour for us…so we are certainly looking forward to the Mystery Bash – KI to the Capital.

Welcome to our new team member, Melissa McKenzie. It will be refreshing to try to teach Old Bashers new rules!!  With this being Roz Chow’s 15th Bash, May Loo’s 10th Bash and Lyn Hobbs’ 17th Bash, we are sure to give Mel an experience she will remember and treasure.

Ginormous shout out to Lance Vater and Lissi Whyte who own our car and have backed Roz Chow from day one!! To all our sponsors and those who attended our fundraisers, bought auction items and tickets for whatever – THANK YOU!!  Whatever we can raise is a little more for Variety SA to help the many kids and families in need.